Products Analysis: Changeable Polarity LC & MPO Fiber Patch Cable

Ensuring the accuracy of the polarity is the basis for any network transmission of data, especially in high-speed, high-density wiring environments. If the polarity is wrong, then changing the polarity will be very cumbersome and time consuming. Now we will introduce two types of fiber jumpers that can convert polarity: Changeable Polarity LC & MPO Fiber Patch Cable.

Changeable Polarity LC Patch Cord

The convertible polarity LC fiber jumper adopts the uniboot design, and the cable part adopts the design of the double-core single-tube and the integrated tail sleeve, which is more compact and space-saving than the ordinary LC duplex fiber jumper. It is beneficial to the heat dissipation of the wiring system and convenient management. It sets the two plugs of the fiber optic connector to be interchangeable, avoiding the need for rewiring caused by polarity switching of conventional LC fiber jumpers. Like standard fiber jumpers, changeable polarity LC patch cord  are also available in single mode and multimode. Currently, SM, OM3, and OM4 jumpers are used on the market.

How to achieve LC fiber jumper polarity conversion

A typical single-mode fiber uses the “A” to transmit a signal while the “B” receives the signal, but the multimode jumper completes the serial duplex connection. There are two types to choose from: Direct-wired (“A-to-B” ) or  cross wiring (“A-to-A”). In general LC fiber patch cords, polarity switching is very restrictive, and changeable polarity LC Uniboot fiber patch cords are easy to do.

1. Switch the positions of jumpers A and B

2. Switch the connector totally and interchange position

Switchable Polarity MPO Fiber Patch Cord

MPOs are widely used in data centers as high-density cabling products because an MPO multi-pin connector can accommodate 8/12/24 cores and up to 144 cores. However, in complex high-density wiring, if the polarity is wrong, it will be more complicated. The switchable polarity MPO fiber jumper can facilitate the simple conversion polarity, and is more flexible for fiber wiring and less difficult to route.

How to switch the polarity of MPO fiber patch cord

  • First push the protective casing back slightly, then push the Key up into the protective casing;
  • Pull out the bottom button to release the outer casing;
  • The MPO polarity transition is completed to this point.


This type of fiber jumper not only space-saving,  and also making the design of the network structure more flexible by achieving polarity reversal. Any questions and needs can be solved in TARLUZ.